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Do you need a hosting plan for your website?

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Customer Basic Requirements

  • What are the page titles?.
  • Do you have images/photos you would like to use? (Feel free to attach any photo's you have at this stage, attach them to an email or send hard copy in the post – address at bottom).
  • What colour scheme would you prefer? Click here to try out combinations (Would you like to keep with the Fields International Colour scheme?).
  • What font (type face) would you like to use? (We would suggest you to use a generic style for the main copy – stick with something commonly found in MS Word).
  • Please provide some simple descriptive words to describe the overall feel of the site: (e.g. bright, informative, contemporary).
  • Who are your main competitors? (Provide URL’s if possible).
  • Would you like help writing the copy?.
  • Flexibility towards maintains and work process.
  • What role would you like your website to play?
    • a. Examples (Develop new web-customer base?.
    • b. Keep up with competitors?
    • c. To promote your business? Offer online shopping facilities?
    • d. Develop National business coverage?
    • e. Test new products, services?.

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