About Us

Who we are

We are one of the fast growing IT solution providers in tri state area. Allithelp Inc provides complete IT solutions and services. We work with all types of different business and customer's world wide. Our main expertise stands in web technologies, database design with solutions, and custom building applications.

Products and Services

Allithelp inc provides all different types of products and service based on customer requirements and needs with all affordable prices.

Logo Design

Customer can design their own logo online in minutes or we can design custom log for especially for you.

Web portals and Website

we have different types of packages for portals and websites design development and hosting. Customer can pick their own template or we will design custom site for the customers. We will work from small and medium range business to high level business including e-commerce applications, credit card transactions sites.

FTP and File Services

Many different types of graphic file formats exist, but three graphic file formats are generally used in web pages-GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Currently, GIF and JPEG file formats are the best supported and can be viewed by most browsers.

Email Service

We are the service providers with Intermedia networks we will provide Email Service compatible to MS outlook, Web mail, Fax via email with different other features.

Domain Registration and Transfer:

Free Transfer with signup to any of the packages.

Server Renting and Maintains:

You can rent different types of server with fully installed software's and support or server space.

Website Marketing

Along with our hosting packages we do free marketing , including submitting to all search engines.

Custom Applications and Tools

We will do design, develop and implement software tools and custom design applications especially for your business.

Business Intelligence & Database Monitoring system

1. Monitor completely every service of BI product best compatible for Business objects, cognos, microstrategy, oracle discover

2. JAVA, VB .net SDK tool for database like ( sql server, oracle, MS ACCESS), ETL (Informatica, Data stage, Custom stored procedure) BI product ( Business Objects, Cognos, microstrategy)

Customer Service and Technical Support

Our new management main objective stands in customer care and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We work with all type of business in understanding their requirements and providing best products , plan and design that fit to customer needs. We will provide training and documents for the customers for any custom or complex applications.

We support 24hrs round the clock and 7days a week with technical questions and issues to our customers.

Mission Statement

The mission of ALLITHELP, Inc. is to provide business solutions using ethical and industry specific standards in compliance with information technology regulations to help our clients accomplish their business objective. ALLITHELP, Inc. accomplishes its mission by:

  • Recognizing strength of our employees, partners and contractors.
  • By working with people of all races, gender and ethnic background under Civil Rights Act and working with disadvantaged groups.
  • Addressing issues that may be of imminent danger to health, safety, and well being of citizens via internet abuse.
  • Promoting small business empowerment through e-commerce training promoting compliance with State (Delaware) and Federal regulations in information dissemination, child safety, copyright laws, and Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA).

The accomplishment of this mission will enable ALLITHELP, Inc. in realizing its vision of helping Client business gain cost and time efficiency toward a positive revenue growth and sustainability.